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Matsui clothing manufacturing

Today, tomorrow, a month, and ten years from now.

Clothes that comfortably show your true color and life as it passes by.

Comfortable to wear without feeling stress when walking or sitting.

Clothes that you want to wear even if it wears out.

Clothes that feels so attached.


We step on the sewing machine every day while creating a future for our products.

To be someone's "one must have",

We hold on to small things, from beginning to end.

We`ll make them, unfasten them while maintaining such steady work.


The craftsman who inherited the philosophy and technology of the predecessor who has continued to pursue "high quality products" continue to pursue up to this present.


Great clothes are special as it blends into people’s lives and overtime, becomes a part of their unique personality.


As the maker, we make it to a point that these products are indispensable as your satisfaction nourishes ours happiness.


Company Profile



Trade name   Matsui Clothing Co., Ltd

Representative Akira Matsui

Establishment  January 8th, 1983

Capital     10,000,000

Business year - June 1st to May 31st

Number of Employees - About 80


Trade name   Matsui Clothing Co., Ltd

Representative Akira Matsui

Establishment  June 19th, 2008

Capital      55,000,000

Business year - January 1st to December 31st

Number of Employees - About 200



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Okayama Headquarters

3701-5 Kinoko-cho, Ibara-shi, Okayama-Ken

TEL: 0866-63-0802

FAX: 0866-63-0989

Tokyo office

1403 Riverdue Shinagawa

4-1-10 Minatoku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-5781-9079

FAX: 03-5781-9048

China factory

Dalian Jinzhou New District Station Road

Kinsenji No. 333 5-6F

TEL: 86_411_87713093

FAX: 86_411_87713051

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